Can you resole my shoes? Do you offer repairs?

No, we do not. We offer a few “extras” that some shoe stores don’t. Hammering, stretching etc to make the shoes you purchased from us a bit more comfy. However, we are not a Cobbler. If you are looking for a Cobbler, here are a few recommendations:

 Vlads Leather Tailoring (for stitching)


Arcadia Shoe Repair


The Oak Bay Cobbler


I only see Blundstones and Glerups on your website. Do you only carry Blundstones and Glerups?

We have dozens of brands. Ooofs, Miz Mooz, Bueno, Rieker, Clarks (just to name a few) along with several small European lines. We also have a year round sale wall that spans the entire length of our sales floor! We started our website during the pandemic and as time went on, Blundstones and Glerups seemed to be the products that were purchased the most on our online store. In order to keep our website manageable for our team, we opted to only showcase those brands online. We update our Facebook and Instagram pages regularly with all of our brands if you would like an idea of what we have in-store. If you’d like an item shipped to you that is not on our website, we are happy to do so. Just reach out to us!

Do Blundstones ever go on sale?

Blundstones rarely go on sale.  This only happens when a style or color has been discontinued by Blundstone Canada at the end of a season.  By the time this happens, we are usually mostly or completely sold out of that style.

Do you have gift certificates?

We sure do! They can be purchased in-store or just give us a call if you can’t make it in! We can process your payment through our online store and either mail the certificate or keep it on hand for the recipient.

Do your shoes come with a warranty?

Warranties are the responsibility of the manufacturer so every brand we sell is a little different. Common warranty periods range from 3 months to 1 year. Keep in mind that this only covers manufactures defects, not issues caused by wear and tear. Manufacture’s warranties also do not cover fit as every shoe and foot is different. If the shoes you’ve purchased through us are uncomfortable, please bring them in and we are happy to see if there something we can do to make them more comfortable. We recommend trying your shoes on at home before wearing them outside to ensure they work for you as shoes worn outside cannot be returned. If you have a warranty concern about shoes you’ve purchased through us, please bring them in at your earliest convenience and we will contact the manufacturer on your behalf.

Do Blundstones come with a lifetime warranty?

They do not.  While Blundstone does have a very generous warranty, it is not a lifetime warranty.  If you purchased Blundstones through us, we are happy to contact the company on your behalf should you have a warranty concern.  Blundstone Canada then determines if it is covered by their warranty program.  Your warranty claim can also be submitted at  https://www.blundstone.ca/pages/blundstone-warranty

Do you stretch shoes?

Yes, we do offer stretching for shoes that were purchased at our store. This is a courtesy we offer to our customers that’s free of charge. We apologize but this service is not available for shoes that were purchased elsewhere.

Do you only sell shoes?

We sell shoes, socks, handbags, jewelry and more!

Can I bring my dog into your store?

As much as we’d love to have your pup in our store (we love animals!) we had an incident a few years back and we no longer allow pets into our store. Certified service animals are always welcome.

How do I care for my footwear?

For leather footwear, we recommend to always use a silicone protectant. Silicone spray cannot be used on patent or man-made footwear. For thicker smooth leathers, like Blundstones, we usually recommend mink oil. We do not recommend mink oil for rustic Blundstones. When you’re purchasing your footwear, we are happy to suggest the best products to use. Or reach out to us if you have any questions

I had a really great experience at your store. How do I acknowledge a team member?

Give us a call or let your salesperson know. They always appreciate your kind words, especially during these challenging times.